Xbox 360 Controller HID Input

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I recently got my hands on a xbox 360 controller and have been trying to get quartz to recognize it.

I started with a HID patch but what kind of info does it spit out? I looked in USB Prober and the device is listed so I figure it is trying to send something.

Also, is there any sort of list for what devices are USB/HID compliant?

Thanks a bunch

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Re: Xbox 360 Controller HID Input

I can say that the Logitech Dual Action Pad from Logitech does not work with Quartz Composer. I tried it a few ways, 32/64, and tried some drivers but was unsuccessful, even though USB Probe recognized it: sort of.

It was basically a third party PS2 controller.

I have had some difficulty getting the patch to work, but I feel this is because I have not had a compliant device. I assume the list auto-populates if the device is compliant and connected. Is this correct?

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Xbox driver and composition

I have been looking for a good controller combo and the software to go with it. As you know, the mac will not recognize the controller without proper HID software.

Luckily, Colin, over @ has a great driver to use with QC.

I have here a composition with the button layout that will work with the driver. Enjoy!

Xbox360 Controller.qtz14.65 KB