Apple Javascript Coding Guidelines

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Not sure how I missed this one. Saw it mentioned in the quartzcomposer-dev mailing list:

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Re: Apple Javascript Coding Guidelines

yeah there is actually a short pdf on specifically using javascript with quartz composer for use in dashcode widgets or websites.

i don't think there there is actually a dev doc or javascript reference to using javascript inside quartz composer either way they are both similar.

i use cybero's javascript guide for qc from time to time its pretty convenient form when if forget how to do simple javascript things like match strings etc...

once you get object oriented javascript down you should try objective j out, or objective javascript its called.

its made by a group called 280 north. pretty interesting outfit if you ask me.

i have been using obj-j just like obj-c with "atlas" a sort of interface builder clone.

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Re: Apple Javascript Coding Guidelines

Is the cybero guide still a translation of the qcjp guide, or has anything been added?'s picture
Re: Apple Javascript Coding Guidelines

This too: "JSCocoa brings Cocoa to Javascript. It’s a bridge like PyObjC and RubyCocoa"

Apple Docson QC for Widgets and Web pages dust referred to.

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Re: Apple Javascript Coding Guidelines

Additions to the QCJP guide began to be made pretty much from the first moment that I started the process of translation.

Thereafter additions were made when the JS patch was updated.

When I get a little better organised upon some other fronts, then I might extend the guide further, as was my intention :-)