Broadcast Quartz Compositions with Wirecast, use MIDI to control

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Hey kids,

This isn't directly QC specific, but I figure a lot of you might be interested in this stuff. I just wrote up a tutorial about controlling Wirecast, a piece of software meant for video broadcasting (Justin.TV, and recording locally) using Midi + AppleScript.

I figure you guys might find it useful. Wirecast has weird QC support. It half works, but it's really sketchy. If you wanted to though, Wirecast does support screen capture, so you could capture part of the screen showing a QC comp, and broadcast it to the web live.

Feel free to hit me up with questions on here, or email me / comment on the post.

Later, rb

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Re: Broadcast Quartz Compositions with Wirecast, use MIDI to ...

Hi Randall

Kineme has some basic resources listed for broadcasting Quartz Composer (available via the Documentation tab) and Wirecast is listed but there is no information about screen capture from Wirecast. How do we access that feature in Wirecast? We should probably add Wirecast screen capture to the resources, so I'd like to test it a bit.

Edit: Found it. It's done with Desktop Presenter (Wirecast>Media>New Desktop Presenter). I'll run some tests and amend the streaming with Quartz Composer documentation to mention Wirecast screen capture support. Thanks for the MIDI control tutorial and for the heads up!

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Re: Broadcast Quartz Compositions with Wirecast, use MIDI to ...

Even weirder... if you import a Quartz Composition as an image, then close the app and restart it, it will actually load properly.

A really old version of Wirecast, version 2, apparently supported QC natively. Looks like the code just never got updated.