Get mesh component from height field?

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I'm using kineme's 3D height field patch and need to connect it to the Get Mesh Component but the two won't play together. I tried using the CL from apple's examples but it tends to crash and I'd rather use the Kineme one. I want the mesh to be generated in QC, otherwise I would have used a model.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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Re: Get mesh component from height field?

Get Mesh Component and Kineme 3D Heightfield don't really work well together at all. They've been told, but they don't listen. Using Mesh Component requires that we have already gone to a Mesh format that is .DAE conformant.

You could explore using the dandy and slick v002 Model Importer. Meanwhile have a butcher's hook at this example posted below. Turns a Render in Image of the 3D Heightfield into a Mesh by putting the RII product through a Vertex displacement macro originally promulgated via Apple's Developer examples.

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Re: Get mesh component from height field?

Thanks a lot for this and the info, I'll have a proper look but it looks like it does the job! Shame about the lack of interaction I mentioned, it's a bit odd Kineme didn't add a similar patch in their 3D package if the official one didn't work, as it's so useful to have a clean structure like that from a mesh. Is it some kind of technical drawback I wonder or did they just not do it? Oh well..