Help searching - Mandelbrot QC plugin

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Hello all.

I have small help request - maybe somebody still have MandelbrotQC.plugin somewhere hidden in harddrive. Link what is up in Kineme third-party paches is down and the guys who made this are not answering too. Im looking way to implement Mandelbrot fractal in some compositions.

Can somebody send me email with that plugin?

Thanks. Emer Värk

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Re: Help searching - Mandelbrot QC plugin

Well now that is an interesting question. I think it was custom plugin but might be wrong. Worked with 10.5 PPC / Intel & no longer available from any of the available download links.

I think they've taken down a lot of old stuff since they re-organised their range, Audio Codex has become Neutrino, although it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the sought after plugin.

Neutrino looks good, think of a well organised Visualizer list and iTunes playlists - beautiful. It actually looks remarkably like the sort of concept I was recently toying with a sort of Whip the Llamas ass .mp3 with .qtz visuals. Oh and not one duff visual amongst the whole lot.

But still no Mandelbrot plugin.

I shall mail them and see what the upshot is :-) .

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Re: Help searching - Mandelbrot QC plugin

No idea about the plugin (I wasn't keen on it, from what I remember) but I did a mandelbrot shader in QC a while back. I've attached it. It's got a few speed modes (fast but low quality to high quality with AA), palette cycling etc. It's pretty fast and interactive - left mouse zooms in, right zooms out (move the mouse around to explore while zooming).

Mandelbrot.qtz30.15 KB

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Re: Help searching - Mandelbrot QC plugin

Yeah I remember that one you posted. Tasty piece of work. Swift. Great for a 3D mouse.

Have you seen the iTunes replacement, Neutrino, from Machine Codex yet?

The disappearance of the Mandelbrot Explorer seems to have coincided with the release of Neutrino, something I'm probably slow in keeping up to date with.

Got some different compositional requirements in regards of the Viewer window from what I can tell.

Groovy bit of kit too :-)

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Re: Help searching - Mandelbrot QC plugin

Nope, hadn't seen that. Looks pretty cool actually.. not something i'd use, but definitely something I'd like to play around with for a while ;) Probably not enough to justify the price though. Maybe I'll download the demo when I get some free time (no sign of that unfortunately!)

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Re: Help searching - Mandelbrot QC plugin

Your example, and even the stock orange book (a Developer folder example for QC has been available since at least 10.5), are more flexible for me than that plugin.

I always wished that we could do something like this with seeming infinite zoom...

You know what would be badass, psonice? If your "clod" looked like it was comprised of tiny clods when you zoomed in more (btw, I saw an implementation of something that looked like the clod in a computer graphics reel from the 60's the other day!)