Looping Export HELP!

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Hi All

please help - I have a very simple composition with System Time feeding Date Formatter, out to Image With String, to Sprite. I need to output this to QT to loop and show the system time endlessly.

I have EXPORT TO QUICKTIME and this has been ok on some machines, but not others. It runs on some

Can I use Quartz Crystal to export to QT? I have tried, but it doesnt loop endlessly

thanks in advance


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Re: Looping Export HELP!

Export to Quicktime puts the .qtz file in a QT wrapper. So the composition file still is driving the comp, so you get accurate system time on machines that can play .qtz files.

Quartz Crystal renders .qtz compositions to bitmap rendered animated movies of various file formats. The system time at time of rendering will be used and baked into the composition render.