Mesh Lab

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What I'm finding to be really useful:

-Straightforward conversion between many 3d file types, particularly 3ds, obj, and collada, but having OFF, DXF and some of the others has proven useful as well.

-A decent smoothing tool that's speedy and barely makes the file larger/more complex.

-Surface reconstruction from points (so it can take some more obscure data types).

-Tools to automatically clean up models - remove duplicate faces, inner faces that are unneeded, hole filling, etc.

-Really quick texturing/paint on mesh tools.

It's not extremely full featured, but what it does, it does solidly and I haven't encountered any problems with it. The fact that it's free and open source is a plus too.

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Re: Mesh Lab

This is a tool that has received more than a few mentions in passing.

Been using Mesh Lab for quite a while , I have found that the latest alpha flakes out on 10.6.4, but the older version still loads and works well for me so that's what I'm using. The cube mapped environment is fun. I've been using it a lot for DAE conversion, creation and editing. Does a great job by and large. Has shed loads of editability and scriptability, lots of great shader code.

Certainly merits a headlining thread considering how useful it is for Particle Tools, Kineme 3D and Mesh work.

Oh and its free :-)

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Re: Mesh Lab

good find ! However, i note that it does not accepts FBX files - which are now the modern interchange format .

Keep in mind that 3ds, obj, dxf are more or less 20 years old file formats.... If you're into 3d, i would recommend investing some time learning either one of the 3 main packages: 3dsmax, maya or xsi (eventually c4d on the mac, but it is slow and expensive). All these apps natively import/exports in any of these file formats. (latest version of 3dsmax even loads up SKP files straight from sketchup !)

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Re: Mesh Lab

As I reference on the thread where I was asking about your morph process, I use Blender and Sketchup alot, and am familiar with 3dsmax and other Autodesk products from an old job.

More than anything, I post it here as a quick and free converter for people that want to use old 3ds and obj files with the Apple Mesh patches. Blender can do this too, I just think it's more opaque for the average user of QC.

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Re: Mesh Lab

I tend to just convert the FBX in the Autodesk FBX Convertor and export as DAE files from there then bring that into Mesh Lab, job's a good 'un :-) .