Hi :D

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Haven't really been looking at the forums, because I mostly use search and just read posts I need, but after having some problems, and requesting help (+ getting a toy app from cybero lol), I thought it would really be polite to introduce myself too.

My name is Ivor, I study graphic design, and VJ in my spare time. Although I'm not really familiar with programming and such, I've been working with Quartz Composer for over 3 years now (can't remember how long really) so I've kind of become an expert at simple workaround solutions for the things I need lol (mostly school projects involving Single Marker Detection, CV, OSC - I'm really into controlers lol). I could post some of the stuff I've been working on, although I'm embarrased a bit, because they could probably be quite a bit optimized lol.

Anyway, before I writethe new bible here, just wanted to say hi, and thank everyone for helping my lurking here be fruitful :D

Now, I'm gonna write a stupid question about Random patches in Iterator :D so see you soon.

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Re: Hi :D

Welcome to kineme.net, @-polygon!