Cocoa Touch/Android/AS3 Developer wanted

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Hi gang,

We are looking for a diverse developer with EXCELLENT OO skills and knowledge, who has experience with Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, iPhone/iPad development. Would also be great if this person had solid experience with Java/Android and/or Flash/AS3.

TV UI experience is a big plus, but not necessary. Agile experience/adoption is also a plus, but not necessary.

Ability to fluidly switch between multiple projects, adapt to ever-changing requirements, and work with little to no supervision essential. Not that you would be sitting in isolation, but things move fast around here, and we need someone who, once he/she has gotten up to speed, can go off and execute tasks, with surety, quality, and reliability.

The gig is in downtown Burbank, CA with Technicolor. Please respond here and I will send you the submission information personally. Don't want to push our recruiter's email address into the Spam-O-Sphere (not that Kineme is part of that but you never know who is trolling the boards).



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Re: Cocoa Touch/Android/AS3 Developer wanted

And hey, you deserve the finders fee for time spent on </joke> ;)

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Re: Cocoa Touch/Android/AS3 Developer wanted

i don't live in LA anymore. i love technicolor posters. sounds like a good opportunity for someone as it is difficult to get into those old motion picture companies. sort of the hollywood old guard, kind of thing i guess you could say.

personally i'm getting better with cocoa touch as i'm interning with a development company this summer. nothing entirely interesting, more statistical sorting type of stuff so business men can check there sales on the golf course with a mobile.

i can't say i'm not isolated though as i don't even go to the office and remote from home. thats more of a personal choice, my therapist tells me i isolate myself. i keep odd hours.

i suppose it doesn't matter either way as the senior developer i report with seems to be busy all the time as a week could go by and i can't get in touch with anyone. at least thats what i tell myself, maybe my job just isn't that important.

who knows developing is a new thing for me, maybe this is how it works. i have no idea as previously i lived with my boss so it was kind of hard to go a week without talking to him or his family.