GL Stereo Environment

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GL Stereo Environment produces a black left image, doesn't matter what i try. I'm running SL, the latest GL Tools and NVIDIA 9400M. Also with the GLTools-stereo-spheres.qtz example. Any ideas.

PS: I also have trouble with multiple viewports and Kineme 3D models. Only one viewport at a time.

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Re: GL Stereo Environment

Stereo Environment is a private patch, and doesn't work in Snow Leopard.

can you elaborate on the multiple viewport problem? (i.e. what does multiple viewports mean, etc)

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Re: GL Stereo Environment

I also believe that the Stereo Environment, while not working at all in 10.6, works incorrectly in 10.5 as released. So, as is, it's best just ignored.

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Re: GL Stereo Environment

ok, not working in sl. the problem with the viewport patch was actually a clear patch in one of the viewports, which cleared the underlaying viewport. stupid mistake thanks, volker

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Re: GL Stereo Environment

Yeah, it's a little hit and miss at present, but it looks very interesting. I can get something of a good result by using the patch that shows up in the library, the Environment patch, however I can't add a single renderable object to the Stereo Spheres source code example without crashing QC 4 :-) [10.6.2]

Some of the patches functionality is available and fairly reliable, but it seems to precipitate crashes when opened with other erstwhile stable compositions, at least when being iterated as per the source code example.