Some Kineme User Profile Questions

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My questions are probably best addressd to the admins but nevertheless I'd appreciate if anyone could answer them:

1- Can I change my ID in a way that all my previous posts' author's ID would change as well?

2- Can a user have a certain "Signature" for example their site's link so under every their every post the signature is displayed?

3- Can a user send another a user a message (a mailbox sort of thing)?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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Re: Some Kineme User Profile Questions

  1. ask smokris (it's possible, but non-trivial so it requires admin intervention)

  2. no. generally, signatures are awful. as such, you'll have to type it yourself each time you post (a few users sign their posts, but it's tasteful). senseless links are frowned upon. You can add links to your profile, such that people who are interested can opt-in to look it up.

  3. no. this might be an interesting feature request though. unfortunately, it'd have some privacy implications (e.g., administrators would need to be able to review user-to-user messages when things crossed private/public boundaries and got out of hand)

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Re: Some Kineme User Profile Questions

Cheers Cwright!

1- I will tell smokris whenever I wanted to do so. I know it's not a routine thing but thanks for helping your site's users :D

2- Will do manually then. and ofcourse will try to make something tasetful :)

3- Just a suggestion. It'll be nice if sometime you could implement it.

Thanks again for this amazing site and community.

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Re: private messages

Anyone else interested in adding support for private user-to-user messages?

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Re: private messages

-private- I'd tell you, but I don't like the lack of privacy ;) -/private-

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Re: private messages

I've looked for it a few times - can't remember why I wanted it though

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Re: private messages

I've thought about this and almost mentioned it about 1000 times. I have some of the same concerns as cwright, but it would be convenient.