Leap Motion (finger tracking)

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So have you guys seen this.

Has any one signed up for the developers preview? Can we push them to include a QC plugin?


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Re: Leap Motion (finger tracking)

I've signed up. I'm waiting to get a closer look at the SDK and API to see if I can create a plugin dovetailing with the LEAP SDK API.

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Re: Leap Motion (finger tracking)

I'm signed up, and I know a couple other lurkers around here that are as well.

I don't really care too much about them developing a QC Plugin, I just hope the api doesn't have a bunch of "black box" stuff like OpenNI/NITE, and tons of dependencies.

If there are gpu algorithms for deriving results, I hope they're as exposed as possible, in addition to whatever convenience stuff they lump in. If they make it work with TUIO or something like that, it will probably be somewhat compatible with minimal effort w/ pre-existing objects. Hopefully there's more detail in the output results than simple finger tip tracking/tuio level detail, but I can think of tons of uses for it either way. Pretty exciting!