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I have just received an email from YouTube, they are now offering ad related revenue , thus monetizing one's YouTube stream. Thought it might be of interest to more than myself. is the link that sets out the registration process


How can your videos make money?

When you submit a video that is eligible for monetization, YouTube will place ads inside or near the video. You will earn a share of the revenue that is generated from ad impressions occurring when these videos are viewed. How much will I earn?

There's no precise answer, because your earnings will depend on a number of factors. The two key factors are the type of ads and the pricing of ads appearing with your videos. The best way to find out how much you'll earn is to sign up and start monetizing your videos. There's no cost, no obligation, and getting started is quick and easy. What types of videos are eligible?

The basic guidelines are simple: for a video to be eligible, you must own worldwide distribution rights to everything in the video and it must abide by our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

This means you have created everything in your video yourself, and you did not sell exclusive commercial usage rights to someone else. If your video contains content created by someone else, you must have their written permission to use and make money from it. Examples of videos that could be eligible

You filmed your cat and there is no background music.
Your video contains royalty-free music, and you can prove commercial rights using direct links to the song and applicable license.
Your friend's band wrote and recorded a song for your video and states in writing that you can use and make money from it.

Which videos are NOT eligible?

Your video is not eligible if it contains content that you didn't create or get permission from its creator to use. You need to be able to show written permission for the following video elements:

Audio: recorded music, live performances, cover songs, background music, etc.
Visuals: images, logos, software, video game footage, etc.
Any other content you don't own worldwide commercial usage rights to.

Examples of videos that are NOT eligible

Your video contains a song you purchased for personal use (e.g., bought on iTunes or in a store) but didn't obtain a commercial license.
You found a video on the Internet and you cannot prove that it's in public domain.
You are only singing words of your favorite copyrighted song
You haven't yet received a copyright notice on your video
You edit together or "mash-up" other works
You only use 30 seconds of a song or video clip
Your video does not provide proper attribution or credits as required by a license.

If your video is not eligible, it may be removed from YouTube.

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Re: New YouTube & Revenue | Monetizing Revenue Streams


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Re: New YouTube & Revenue | Monetizing Revenue Streams

Interesting indeed.

I'm not entirely sure if one has to have a registered company for this to work.

I'd be interested to hear just how well that works out for anyone who is a conspicuous YouTuber , yet works without the cover of a limited / registered company.

So long as all permissions are given, looks like a potential money earner.

No self serving click-throughs allowed BTW [something that was asked by me from another interested quarter - businesses - often seeking the 'cunning' way of accruing income].

I am still awaiting the AdSense confirmation, which takes about 48 hours, before I can start the process of adding tracks in.

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Re: New YouTube & Revenue | Monetizing Revenue Streams

So you wont be able to redirect your team Chinese-national gold miners onto You-Tube ad click-throughs, Cybero, that's bad luck ;-)

I've noticed a rash of google-ads on You-tube videos in the last few months by people in the vegan/raw-food/health&fitness area so I figure people are collecting something to make the objectionable aesthetic worth it.

What kind of ethical blocks can you place on type of ads shown over your content? I remember the 'liberal-minded' used to run google ads that at times looked live (tea-bagger) conservative push-polling ads. Made them look as money grubbing as I think they are, most of their 'writers' regurgitate content from daily news orgs and call it blogging/freelance journalism. No ethics at all.

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Re: New YouTube & Revenue | Monetizing Revenue Streams


So you wont be able to redirect your team Chinese-national gold miners onto You-Tube ad click-throughs, Cybero, that's bad luck ;-)

LOL, that did make me laugh.

In regards of how configurable the AdSense association stream is, I shall be feeding back upon that once I have received the requisite emailed confirmation to begin.

So, more later.

Basically, I am viewing this as an experiment.

Unoriginal, derivative pseudo journalism is sadly on the increase, not only on the web, but seeping little by little, often unverified [no due diligence exercised] into mainstream media too.

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Re: New YouTube & Revenue | Monetizing Revenue Streams

See attached grabs of the interface to the monetization process at YouTube for new and previously uploaded videos and the resulting presentation in the browser of the monetized item, both on channel and off channel.

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Re: New YouTube & Revenue | Monetizing Revenue Streams

so this is interesting google is sharing add revenue with any video you upload provided it meets the requirements. i thought you had to have like 100k subscribers or something to get any loot from google. nice they are sharing the waterfall trickle.

something interesting i just uploaded a djay mix i made on my iPad. obviously without permissions to use the tracks i did but google automatically noticed i am using 3d party content and provides the link to buy an mp3 on amazon etc..

the interesting part is I'm slamming down records and google recognized the first track i started the mash up with. the funny thing is google has no clue whats going on after the initial track id as i layer down like 15 tracks after it.

I'm going to experiment with some of my own songs and see if i get any 3rd party content assigned to my videos. i have tracks on amazon etc... not really sure what this feature is all about but it would be nice to have a track listing made for me so i could remember which records i played when. i suppose we will see more of this in the future with iCloud maybe identifying your tracks for you then making you buy them over again on itunes or something ?

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Re: New YouTube & Revenue | Monetizing Revenue Streams

this shit is killing the internet. Half the value of the internet is to watch what you want, freely, without this bollocks. Please don't advertise on your videos. It's a put off. That's my opinion anyway.

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Re: New YouTube & Revenue | Monetizing Revenue Streams