QC Framework 148 - Movie Importer patch

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I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that matters remained similarly settled on ML, but just for the record, using QC Framework 148 I find now that the previously defunct, on some builds, Movie Importer patch is now functional once again in QC on Lion.

Must boot into ML and install the updated Graphics Tools and see what a difference has been made there.

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Re: QC Framework 148 - Movie Importer patch

Actually I meant Framework Version 5.0 (236.7) and Version 4.6 (148), but the big news for me is that the Movie Importer patch is once again functional.

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Re: QC Framework 148 - Movie Importer patch

Hi !

Actually I have a trouble with the movie importer patch in ML : the output displays the image in the bottom left corner. No trouble to display in a standard Sprite, but while I want to perform a color tracking, it seems that the Color Tracking patches take the black around the image too. So I'm unable to have a black color position...

Any ideas on this issue ?