Rendering External Sync

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For rendering in Quartz Crystal, is the Value Historian my only option for recording and syncing external midi? What if I have a recorded midi track of cc data? No way to play it so the crystal can render it?

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Re: Rendering External Sync

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Quartz Crystal supports only Value Historian and the new user input pre flighting, but it isn't set up up to deal with continuous control midi commands.

I suspect that Syphon Server might serve your needs better in this regard.

Have you tried timelining and XML traversing a converted .midi file using a Midi to XML conversion routine ?

It will be a little long winded, but it might be able to work in Quartz Crystal.

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Re: Rendering External Sync

Syphon, hmm. There's an idea.

Midi to XML is long-winded, yes. Don't need that route.

Thanks, cybero.