Value Historian and Patch Time

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In this composition, to record to the Value Historian I need to make VH patch time "parent", then to loop i have to make patch time "external" to receive an interpolation patch. This is counter productive. Is there a way to always keep patch time external and allow recording? Now if I switch to record when patch time is external, QC crashes. I'd like to operate the VH with key commands -- rec/play/reset, then save/load plist to file. Help?

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Re: Value Historian and Patch Time

Not to mention having to turn on/off viewer to operate -- i can do this with key commands but i'd like to rec/play/reset/write to file while Viewer is running.

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Re: Value Historian and Patch Time

See screenshot: Why do I get the following error when I try to control VH patch time using a Multiplexer to switch between Record (Patch Time) and Playback (Interpolation)?

0x930a2bea: -[QCContext nextExecutionTimeForPatch:time:arguments:]
0x930a291c: -[QCGraphicsContext nextExecutionTimeForPatch:time:arguments:]
0x930a26f3: -[QCOpenGLContext nextExecutionTimeForPatch:time:arguments:]
0x930a24b8: -[QCPatch(Runtime) nextExecutionTime:arguments:]
0x930ee5b8: -[QCView render:arguments:]
0x9311980b: -[QCView(EventHandling) mouseMoved:]
0x942e6b28: -[NSWindow sendEvent:]
0x941ff31f: -[NSApplication sendEvent:]
0x94193253: -[NSApplication run]
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Trying again

Why doesn't VH work in this qtz?

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Re: Trying again

Okay, frickin' finally. This took me like two years to get through my thick skull.

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