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I'm trying to make two apps using the latest version of quartz builder in Lion that each fullscreen on separate displays.

Unfortunately when I select full screen on display 2 in quartz builder it just displays the window not fullscreen on display 1.

In the old version of QB I had to select screensaver mode and borderless to make the app go fullscreen on display 2 but this approach does not seem to work either. The app appears not full screen on display1.

Any ideas what I have to do to make a display 2 fullscreen app?



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Re: full screen quartz builder

same problem Here

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Re: full screen quartz builder

I tried creating a fullscreen display 2 app on Lion and in the simple tests I tried, it worked for me. So possibly you're doing something more complicated or your setup is different.

Double-check that you have the latest version of QuartzBuilder (1.4).

An app I built and a screenshot of the QuartzBuilder settings are attached -- does this app fullscreen onto display 2 for you? I tried with 2 compositions and got the same result -- one I started with the QuartzBuilder.qtz that QuartzBuilder places on the Desktop and adding a Clear patch, the other I created a new empty composition and just added a Clear patch.

If it continues not working, could you post your composition?

QB 1.4 settings - display 2.png
QB 1.4 settings - display 2.png60.93 KB
QB 1.4 app - display 2.zip618.3 KB

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Re: full screen quartz builder

Thanks for the post, I had a slightly older version of QB 1.3 now I have upgraded its working fine.

However, I now have a new problem. I want the apps to autorun on startup of a mac mini but the apps crash as they are starting up. They are simple QC comps that use a vv02 video player and a sprite to play videos onto separate 1024 x 768 displays.

Any ideas?

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Re: full screen quartz builder

Could you attach a crash report?