Qtz in Xcode Screensaver Bundle gets Match-O Link error

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Hi Guys,

Trying to embed a simple qtz into a most simple screensaver bundle gives me a Match-O Link error in OSX 10.8 & Xcode 5. I know Vuo will give the ability to export screensavers directly and I'm really looking forward to that option in February 2015

But here I tried to remove the Deriveddata Folder Cache, cleaned the Project etc, no result.

Could be smtg with the wrong SDK but changing it gives me another error.

So as I'm not a real pro in Xcode, I'm joining the file, if someone could advice me or tell me if he gets the error too, would be great !


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Error.png114.66 KB
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Re: Qtz in Xcode Screensaver Bundle gets Match-O Link error

Ok guys,

I had forgot to link the quartz framework to the project.

No more match-O link errors anymore :)