Custom Port Type

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I was wondering if it is possible to add custom port types in plugins made with the standard API (like in Kineme3D or Kineme Particles with the Kineme Skanky SDK - if I'm not mistaken).

Thanks for your answers.


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Re: Custom Port Type

Not that I'm aware of... I'm looking at the Quartz Composer framework headers and don't see any provisions for doing that, or doing a virtual port either.

QCPortTypeBoolean; QCPortTypeIndex; QCPortTypeNumber; QCPortTypeString; QCPortTypeColor; QCPortTypeImage; QCPortTypeStructure;

You should probably be able to handle whatever you want to do with structures or strings, but it might be kind of weird to deal with. I can't think of much that couldn't be passed as a string, though performance might get to be an issue.

...and of course, maybe some other people have some thoughts. I don't think that anything that did a custom port could successfully be called standard api though.

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Re: Custom Port Type

you can't.

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Re: Custom Port Type

What a pity...

Thanks for your replies...