midi in lion

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Hey guys,

I'm having problems with miditools in lion. My notes aren't being send or not the values that I wish they did. Same patch on snowleopard works flawlessly. (the goal is to control an Edirol v4 through midi) I know lion is in general having problems with a lot of things, but I heard there was a possible fix? Couldn't find it with the search function though.

Anyone here has heard something similar?

gr j

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Re: midi in lion

i use a build of midi tools in lion from 2007. see the pic for the exact date. it seems most of the tools i have tried in lion work or at least globally on IAC. i haven't tried routing to a specific device. if you just need note on and off you can try my midi arpeggiator to send out notes and use the built-in midi cc patch to send control change as an alternative ?

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Re: midi in lion

hey there, thanks for the reply. I'm not going to touch new programs right now, since we're performing tomorrow + i have it working on a snow leopard laptop. i'll message you next week, we'll see then :)