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I made a quick 30 minute evening project porting NVidias FXAA post process Anti-aliasing shader to QC, as a plugin.


This plugin will let you remove jaggies from an image render with RII. This AA method is single pass, single buffer, requiring only the input image. It uses some simple morphology to do rather effective (and fast!) AA on images.

This is a great alternative to using MSAA, and should save you cycles, and save you from having to use hacks like Super Sampling you RII, etc.

Enjoy. Beta for now.

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Re: v002 FXAA

And remember, this works on images, so you can AA just about anything:

Before.png186.7 KB
After.png182.21 KB
Glitch Before.png
Glitch Before.png430.94 KB
Glitch After.png
Glitch After.png770.28 KB

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Re: v002 FXAA

effing rad!

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Smooth - like very smooth. Thank you for sharing this vade.

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Re: v002 FXAA

Any reason why this is a plugin instead of just some source in a GLSL shader macro? (assuming the .vert and .frag source in the bundle is what you're using)

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Re: v002 FXAA

Distribution, ease of re-use, protecting people from themselves, outputting an image (RII can be oddly slow vs internal render to texture). But basically because it's easier for me.

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Re: v002 FXAA

nice man. thanks

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Re: v002 FXAA

I love you !

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Re: v002 FXAA

looks really nice!

But when I try this with a 1024_GL_Circle in a Render In Image, a white rect appears on the viewer.

Anny idea?it would be so nice to have this...

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Re: v002 FXAA

how would I use this as a QCFX plugin in VDMX?