Resources into Quartz Builder

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Any ideas on including advanced resources in a QB app build -

Right now, my composition uses some JavaScript logic to dynamically get images from a single, large image resource folder placed next to the .qtz file.

If this is outside the capabilities of QB, I would be very happy if you could point me to some info on doing this in XCode.

I've done the basics in XCode, would be fine going from QB to the XCode environment unless the solution is wildly complex.

All the best -SW

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Re: Resources into Quartz Builder

This shouldn't be a problem... I've done all kinds of setups in Quartz Builder that pull from places on the HD, and also from manually added folders that are inside the app's resources.

However... the details of your problem are a little muddy.

Without totally knowing what you're doing exactly, you should be able to manually place a folder in your "resources" folder of your built app (QBuilder will include plugins, and files that are relative to the qtz, but it won't automatically bundle folders... at least not that I remember). I usually use a Directory Scanner, or Directory Scanner blocking, and then use some other patches to parse the file name, so that it hits whatever loader it needs to correctly.

There is some fun app I posted in the Composition Repository called "GT Lines"...and then some number 2, or 3 (can't remember). Look at contents of the app, and see how I put in the extra folder inside of resources (I did this manually, after I built the app). I believe I also posted the main source qtz.

My personal first tests with Quartz Builder, when I was trying to see if I could "break it", was to scan for the Desktop images and audio in the system (outside of the app). My second test was to add extra folders in resources to do the same... so I'm certain it can work if the setup is correct.

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Re: Resources into Quartz Builder

Works perfectly! Thanks a million

  • build app
  • rightclick app, select "view package contents"
  • navigate to Resources folder
  • paste your resource folder(s) into this
  • app now sees the files


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Re: Resources into Quartz Builder

While George is correct in that you can manually place content in the Resources folder of the output application bundle, QuartzBuilder provides a shortcut for this.

From the main QuartzBuilder window, click "Resource Inspector", then drag your files and folders into the lower half of the window. This content will then be copied into the Resources folder of the application you build.

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Re: Resources into Quartz Builder

Whoops, forgot about that was put in with an bad! That was one of the handiest additions.