Fire Work

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Hello !

There is a fire work simulator made with particles.

Strangely, it may crash sometimes at launch. (both qtz and QB app). Is this because I'm asking too much in my particles system ?

Anyway, I wonder if there is a better way to trig a particle emitter than enabling "visible" input of a particle object.

Thanks for trying and please "tear it apart" as you wish !



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Re: Fire Work

Curiously enough, once I'd sorted out the file paths for the sound files, your composition ceased crashing [sigexec type of crash]. However, although your .app plays the visuals , no sounds emanate, sorry to say, even though the resources are in the application bundle's Resources folder. Tested on Lion.

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Re: Fire Work

Hello cybero an thank you to have tested.

Sorry for the non-appropriate file paths... I changed to relative file path, but it's still crashing sometimes for me...

Better would be to remove the "trigger patch" and replace it by a "super-emitter", no ?

but, are we able to know the current age of a particle emitter (in order to change objects's operator settings after a certain time for example, especially emitter rate) ?

It seems it is not possible to change an emitter's rate after it's creation (by a "super-emitter"). is it true ?

thanks a lot for any infos !