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Release: Directory Scanner (Blocking), v0.1

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.1
Release Notes
This patch is now part of Kineme FileTools. (Don't use the standalone version on this page anymore.)

This is the first public release of our "Directory Scanner (Blocking)" patch.

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This patch was commissioned by CoreMelt

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What about Folders ?

Hi there, It's my first comment on Kineme. Hello ! I use you patch to create navigation interface (such 3D Finder...), i like it.

When your patch list the files in an input folder, it don't return the sub-folders in the output structure. It could be great to ad this option in the file type list. It could be useful to create browsing composition, personnal players, presentation tools... - Movies - Pictures - Audio files - Folders !!! (only folders)

Thanx for all. Mfreakz

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)