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Release: MIDI Tools, v20071204

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071204
Release Notes

Initial public Leopard port of the Original Kineme Plugin's Global MIDI Patches (with lame string filtering). Some lucky users have actually been playing with various incarnations of this for a month or two now, but now it's official :)

Plugins include:

  • Global MIDI Input Note
  • Global MIDI Input CC
  • Global MIDI Output Note
  • Global MIDI Output CC
  • Global MIDI Clock

If the input filter is blank, all MIDI Sources are matched (making them global by default).

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christine's picture
Can't glue Live to QC to Global MIDI Input CC. Plz sned halp!

I'm sending MIDI out of Live (7.0.1), using an IAC driver doo-hicker; and in an ideal world, magical numbers would be streaming forth from the Global MIDI Input CC and off into other glorious patches and such.

But this isn't an ideal world. No-siree.

The Value and Trig outputs sit on 0 and false respectively. Not the glorious magical numbers I was expecting.

Is there something obvious that I should be doing on the input side of things? (I've tried futzing about with channel numbers and such, with no winning..)

Also: if I use the MIDI Notes Receiver that comes with QC; I do get glorious outputs...just not the flavour of outputs that I'm looking for; so it doesn't seem to be a fundamental MIDI setup problem.

Thanks, The Internets; You're my only hope!

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Which version are you using, Leopard or Tiger? Can you post a sample composition? Did you start Live before starting QC (this shouldn't matter, but I don't know if it reconnects intelligently for all versions yet).

I think there are a couple users around here who've used it with Live (I know some use it with Abelton), so hopefully they can some more useful help your way.

[actually, since you just registered I'm going to assume you're not beta testing the leopard version ... so Tiger it is. :)]

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Whoa, The Internets work! I

Whoa, The Internets work!

I am actually using the beta version for Leopard {: (Which is why I registered, actually <: I couldn't see a download for it without registering)

(I'm using version 10.5.1 of Leopard, if that makes a difference.)

Hmmm.. opening Live first didn't make a difference. Boo.

In the interests of.. science? I will attach a composition, however, it's degenerate to the point of not being that useful d: (Oooh! Pretty numbers! Or, in my case just 0! In a particle system!)

p.s. I should warn you that I'm a newbie at playing with QC, so I am probably operating with fundamental flaws in how everything actually hangs together.

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Thanks :)

uhoh, the leopard beta :) scary stuff, that :)

[secret: I coded/updated that without having any midi devices to test it with... itsthejayj has more experience with actually using this plugin :)]

don't worry about 'useless' compositions for the sake of bug checking :) those are the best to work with for finding out what's going wrong.

I'm a newbie too :) I've always felt kinda silly writing these plugins without having any skill at using QC :) but there ya go shrugs paintbrush maker vs. artist or something.

I'll take a peek and try to get it fixed in over the next couple days.

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Welcome! <:

(It's not a secret any more if you write about it on The Internets. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone else who doesn't read about it here)

If you figure it out, I shall be not just pleased, but very pleased!

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New Version

Ok, I've posted a new beta. This version should print lots of stuff in Console.app when it connects to or disconnects from MIDI sources. It'll print ones it connects to, and ones it ignores, as well as the criteria it's using to make that decision. Please tell me what happens :)

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)