Quartz Builder 1.4 app crashes on startup with a colorspace issue

I've got a Quartz Builder 1.4 app I've made that runs fine on my 2010 macbook pro (nvidia 330m) but crashes on startup 80% of the time with 2 different 2010 mac mini's (nvidia 320m) - there all running lion.

This seems to be a long standing problem - see http://kineme.net/composition/gtoledo3/GTLines

As this other occurrence of the problem doesn't use either of the plugins I'm using (pbmesh and vades movie player beta3) and occurred before lion it doesn't seem like its caused by these and is related to quartz builder. Once you get the app started (generally the 3rd attempt) it runs fine from that point on.

I've attached the crash log and console output

Cheers James

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Re: Quartz Builder 1.4 app crashes on startup with a ...

ChrisW replied tp a post I had up about this on the apple dev list

"The colorspace needs to be RGB (as opposed to a single-channel space, or something inappropriate for OpenGL like CMYK or YUV), and it needs to not be DeviceRGB. I'm going to guess it's the last part of the assertion that fails (really that assertion should be split into 2 pieces so that the caller knows which piece is breaking) - perhaps the driver or display is set to a profile that happens to match deviceRGB? QuartzBuilder should probably sanitize its inputs before initializing the renderer to ensure that it won't trigger this exception.

Does changing the display profile help?"

FYI I'm using a matrox dualhead2go box and it was selecting a non standard color profile although it was rgb (see the following screenshot)


I unchecked the "show profiles for this display only box" and selected the generic rgb profile


And it seems to have fixed the problem at least until I reboot when it defaults back to a bad color profile but this is something I think the matrox tools should solve