Quartz Builder 1.4 app crashes on startup with a colorspace issue

I've got a Quartz Builder 1.4 app I've made that runs fine on my 2010 macbook pro (nvidia 330m) but crashes on startup 80% of the time with 2 different 2010 mac mini's (nvidia 320m) - there all running lion.

This seems to be a long standing problem - see

As this other occurrence of the problem doesn't use either of the plugins I'm using (pbmesh and vades movie player beta3) and occurred before lion it doesn't seem like its caused by these and is related to quartz builder. Once you get the app started (generally the 3rd attempt) it runs fine from that point on.

I've attached the crash log and console output

Cheers James

QuartzCrystal: Rendered mov video has different colors than quartz composition


I converted following quarz composition into Motion JPEG A HD video. Settings of the QC file: 1920x1080, 25fps, length 2 min 20 seconds, only Apple standard patch used.

Settings of mov file: 1920x1080, 25fps, length: 40 seconds Motion JPEG A, quality High, Antialiasing 4 or 6 (doesn't matter)

The rendered file shows different colors than the QC source file. See the attached image that shows a part of QuartzCrystal and QuickTime video. Note that the preview displayed in the QuartzCrystal has the right color (left side on the picture)

I used huey for monitor calibration.