HID devices.

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i was doing some animation with the xbox 360 controller, but i had a problem with calibrating it, it never stays int he center o the screen, so i add some math to calibrate the controller no big deal jus some substraction to make it stay in the center. is there another way to calibrate the device axis?


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not sure

I'm not sure of the xbox360 controller, but the wiimote has some built-in calibration values for the accelerometers (in both the wiimote and the nunchuk). For the tilt axis though, there doesn't seem to be any, so it also needs device-specific calibration sometimes.

I don't know of a good automatic way to do this... ideally, Quality Control at the device factory should test for this, and compensate for it...

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Re: not sure

I was wondering how you were able to implement actions from the controller with the HID patch.

Did you decode some of the messages being sent? I would really love to see a screen shot of the HID to some actions. Or if you could load up the qtz file if it wasn't too much trouble.

I am just not sure how to go about translating any values from a controller.