HID devices.

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i was doing some animation with the xbox 360 controller, but i had a problem with calibrating it, it never stays int he center o the screen, so i add some math to calibrate the controller no big deal jus some substraction to make it stay in the center. is there another way to calibrate the device axis?


List of Unsafe Patches

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As of Version 3.1 (63.2) / Framework Version 2.1 (106.5).

Patch Name Class Name
Audio Input QCAudioInput
Backdrops Accumulator BackdropsAccumulatorPatch
Backdrops Downsampler BackdropsDownsamplerPatch
Backdrops Image SegmentationBackdropsSegmentationPatch
Backdrops Matting BackdropsMattingPatch
Backdrops Options BackdropsOptionsPatch
Bonjour Services QCBonjourServices
Directory Scanner QCDirectoryScanner
HID Input QCHIDInput
Hit Test QCHotZone
Host Info QCHostInfo
Image Histogram QCImageHistogram
Image Pixel QCImagePixel
Log QCLog
MIDI Clock Receiver QCMidiClock
MIDI Controllers Receiver QCMidiControls
MIDI Controllers Sender QCMidiControllers
MIDI Notes Receiver QCMidiNotes
Network Broadcaster QCNetworkBroadcaster
Network Receiver QCNetworkReceiver
Network Synchronizer QCNetworkSynchronizer
OSC Receiver QCOSCReceiver
OSC Sender QCOSCBroadcaster
Spotlight Images QCSpotlight
Tilt Sensor QCTiltSensor
Video Input QCVideoInput

Release: SpaceNavigator, v0.4

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.4
Release Notes

SpaceNavitagor Patch

This is the first public release of our "SpaceNavigator" patch, allowing input from the 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator.

Note: This patch is deprecated. Use the built-in "HID Input" patch instead.

[ More info on this patch ]

3DConnexion Spacenavigator Plugin

How about a plugin for this little beauty? and a photo here

It's a 3D navigation device which looks like it could be a cool controller for 3D stuff in QC.

I've just downloaded the Mac SDK, so if anyone's interested, I can pass it along.




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Hi all, i'm planning to use sensors for some upcoming installation (piezo, IR distance, proximity...). I was wondering if there was any sensors working with QC out of the box, without needing a Kineme patch to be coded. What you guys would recommend ? Ultimately, a sensor box that works both with QC and MaxMSP would be overkill ---

I remember the phidget patch (monstruous) that smokris coded at the old fdiv site. Does it still work ? Are the phidgets usefull and nice to work with ?