RTSP Streaming Patch

A pretty simple patch (in functionality). Put in an RTSP stream url, publish, profit!

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Getting QT to work with Files is next to impossible -- the QT mailing list is full of dweebs whining about the following (in order of frequency):

  • QTKit lameness
  • streaming/buffering
  • lame codec-specific quirks
  • color correction
  • esoteric features

it's possible, but I don't feel like fighting with quicktime in the near future (hopefully snowleopard fixes the braindamage with QTX)

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I had a feeling that's what

I had a feeling that's what the problem would be :D

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Man... that is such a good

Man... that is such a good idea, and I have been wanting that. I just want to be able to feed YouTube vids through CI filters using something like that. The best I can figure is to convolutedly setup an app to download the flv first (ugh) and then pass it along to the filters...

QT sucks man. I constantly grateful for Quartz Crystal (even though it makes use of QT) in lieu of using Quicktime Pro or the Movieexporter plugin (both are somewhat painful for different reasons).

Chris, your comment about colorspace brings up an idea I will never post if I don't right now... raster to vector image conversion. I don't know if QC is appropriate for that, but I can see some potential there.

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The Flash stuff I'd imagine

The Flash stuff I'd imagine would be entirely possible with the WebKit render idea people have tossed around here. RTSP is an entirely different animal, as it's actively streaming a file.

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Mmm, flash has been nixed

Mmm, flash has been nixed out because of security problems I believe. I dunno.

I see your point about RTSP and that I was conglomerating two different issues.

The Quicktime Streaming Server does do RTSP, and it's closed source... then there is the Darwin version, open source. Youtube does/did use DSS to stream mobile videos.

If it's anything like other Darwin stuff (caveat: I've only messed with Darwin a handful of times) it is probably antiquated.

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Ah that sucks about the

Ah that sucks about the Flash stuff, I was curious what sort of stuff people would build with that.

I've run both QTSS and DSS and they appears pretty much identical. Even as far as the graphics in the web administration portal. Not really sure what difference there is in the underlying code though.

Vade's movie player almost works with streamed files (tested it with .mov) but you have to monkey with the playhead for it to do anything. I think the problem is because since it's streamed it has an infinite "length". The QC movie player will do streamed files (with audio) if you check the asynchronous box. AFAIK though you can't use .sdp files although there is a hack on the QC list that mentions how to do it (just not very elegantly).

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That is really interesting. I remember trying that(loading web movies) really early on in working with QC and having some kind of problem with the developer example... now I am thinking that apple's url was probably just outdated (hence the instant debug mode), and I am cursing that I didn't look at this further. I wrongly thought at the time that this was a remnant of Apple lopping of quicktime qc functionality between jaguar and leopard.

OK, all I really want to do is use CI sharpen stuff with crappy web clips. Cat out of the bag, lol. If you figure out the streaming stuff, throw in a little CI sharpen setting, and people will abuse it the same way low level audio engineers throw a sonic maximizer on everything (ok, I'm not actually panning sonic maximizing, just abuse of it).

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I monkeyed around with this

I monkeyed around with this the other day, using the Movie Loader patch and a billboard, and used this url:


Worked with no trouble at all.

My goal is being able to use SDP files, so that way I can do live video through QC.

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Re: Ah that sucks about the

Hi, Ive fixed URL downloading and it seems to be mostly working in an internal build, as well as adding some other features.

Ive looked at RTSP stream playback as well as streaming and what Chris said is true, QT is a fucking royal pain in the ass, and QTKit is even worse (im beginning to realize this), so RTSP decoding uses a completely different code / rendering path than progressive file download like loading a movie from a webserver, so different that it appears to not be possible using the newer apis at all :(

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Flash stuff (youtube, vimeo, etc) all use .flv's, and transfer them via standard HTTP.

RTSP, as matt notes, is an entirely different beast -- it's a different protocol, and a different format, and different transfer rules (flv is stupidly simple, but not adaptive to network congestion. rtsp is theoretically more adaptive, dropping quality when necessary to keep things running without stuttering.)

So it would require an RTSP protocol handler (Cocoa/Webservices might provide this), something to demux the data (QT might do this), and then something to decode the content into a texture (QT's job).