iTunes Extended Protocal Inputs

If you look at the iTunes Classic Visualizer, you'll notice that the waveform it uses has much more than 16 pieces of information; it more closely resembles the Kineme Audio Input. I was wondering, is there any way I can access this information?

Looking back before Quartz Composer was publicly integrated into iTunes, the program iVisualize ( claimed that the following variables were accessible:

images: albumArt, volumeArt, spectrumArt, spectrumLineArt, volumeLineArt, volumeArtL, spectrumArtL, spectrumLineArtL, volumeLineArtL, volumeArtR, spectrumArtR, spectrumLineArtR, volumeLineArtR

structure (an array of 12 elements): spectrum, spectrumL, spectrumR

strings: name, artist, album, fileName, genre, kind, comments, composer

numbers: elapsedTime, volumePeak, volumePeakL, volumePeakR, trackNumber, numTracks, year, soundVolumeAdjustment, totalTimeInMS, startTimeInMS, stopTimeInMS, sizeInBytes, sampleRateFixed, fileType, date, userRating, discNumber, numDiscs, playCount, lastPlayDate, beatsPerMinute, spectrumSum, spectrumAverage, spectrumVariance, spectrumSumL, spectrumAverageL, spectrumVarianceL, spectrumSumR, spectrumAverageR, spectrumVarianceR

boolean: isPlaying, isCompilationTrack, isFullscreen, isDemoMode (always false)

Stream Infos (all strings): version, streamTitle, streamURL, streamMessage

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Re: iTunes Extended Protocal Inputs

Those variables were available, if you had the iVisualize plugin installed.

It does seem, upon re-examining it in situe, to no longer have the problem with screen sizing as previously reported in

Just try using the .qtz template for iVisualize to create your own iVisualize compositions.

I especially liked the way iVisualize gave a lot of local control, options, etc.

It does break the Composition Repository framework approach however, requiring compositions to be copied to within the iVisualize folder.

In that control , options respect, have you by any chance had a look at Neutrino? [a media player application of some note :-)]

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Re: iTunes Extended Protocal Inputs

with my apple script plugin will let you do some interesting things in regards to iTunes with quartz. it doesn't give you back data but you can control things like eq, volume, track, etc... or all the things that apple script let you do to itunes like download ? i find it interesting to control the eq which in turn changes the waveform spectrum which changes the visualizations. like if you know your visualizer works better from the low end frequencies you can bass boost to make those visualizations more active. you get the point.

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Re: iTunes Extended Protocal Inputs

Never really played with iVisualize, especially now that iTunes Music Visualizers are no longer required to run in Safe Mode and hence 3rd party plugins are allowed. Makes iVisualize obsolete, no?