WiiMote Control

Release: WiiMote Control, v20080903

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080903
Release Notes

This update to the WiiMote patch adds the ability to screen connections based on address.

There's an input to specify an address to accept connections from (any devices is accepted if blank), and an output to display the currently-connected device's address (handy for filling in the input ;)

Release: WiiMote Control, v20080301

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080301
Release Notes

This beta includes a couple tweaks and fixes. Nothing major.

Checkerboard bug was fixed.

IR output no longer outputs -100 when it looses tracking; instead it retains its last value. You can use the IR structure values to detect tracking loss (since it returns nan's when it loses tracking).

No stability/reliability changes took place.

Release: WiiMote Control, v20080111 (0.3)

Release Type: Production
Version: 20080111 (0.3)
Release Notes

This is a public beta of our updated WiiMote control patch. Since there isn't one for Leopard yet, I figure this will at least help you get started before it gets to production. This patch adds support for the nunchuk, and partial support for the Classic Controller. It also adds raw IR output support. All of these options are available under the inspector panel. Some of the classic controller buttons don't work or report bogus values. This is due to the underlying framework in use; I'm looking into this.

It's not stable, but I've made considerable efforts to make it stable. Please supply me with crash reports, as well as any other noticed odd behaviour.

Normally I'm not a fan of public betas, but we'll see how this one goes :)

Beta testers: This is identical to the 20080105 version, so you don't need to upgrade.

Release: WiiMote Control, v20080105

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080105
Release Notes

This update includes many new stability improvements, as well as somewhat-functional Classic Controller support.

I spent a bit of time exploring the framework that this patch uses, and fixed some pieces around where it was causing some crashes. It probably leaks a bit of memory on connect/disconnect now, but I've not noticed any significant amounts yet in casual testing. This should fix 1) the NSNotification stuff, 2) the [NSNumber start] incorrect message exceptions (the framework was deallocating a live object!), as well as a couple of the unnamed bugs that have been crashing this patch since the Tiger version.

A bug where it would crash when changing the Sensors in the inspector panel while connected has (hopefully) been fixed.

The classic controller stuff basically works; The right control stick's values appear to be wrong, the L and R buttons have weird values, plus, minus, home, down, and right don't appear to work either yet. These are most likely framework bugs which will require some spelunking to figure out and address. It's a start though, right?

Please tell me which buttons work and don't work, which ones appear to be incorrect, and which CPU your mac uses (PPC or Intel). If you're not getting anything from it, unplug it and plug it back in; it seems to be way more picky about being plugged in at boot up than the nunchuk does.

Release: WiiMote Control, v20080104

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080104
Release Notes

This WiiMote Control beta radically changes the patch's interface. It will almost certainly not work with your previous compositions, but adds a few new features to justify the change.

First big change: Nunchuk support! To enable nunchuk support, use the inspector panel. You can also enable and disable the IR and Motion Sensors from that panel, simplifying the interface if you don't need some particular features.

The nunchuk sometimes doesn't work if you power up the wiimote with the nunchuk plugged in. To get around this, connect the wiimote, and then plug in the nunchuk after the connection is established. This may be a hardware bug with no existing work around (other than reconnecting, which the Wii itself does on occasion with some games)

By Default, newly created patches have the motion sensor enabled and the IR sensor disabled.

Raw IR output was changed from 12 outputs to 1 structure output. This helps keep the patch size down a bit.

No effort was made towards improving stability.