Kineme3d model import breaking

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I'm new to Kineme and haven't used Quartz in a while so I am a bit rusty.

I'm using the Kineme3D plugin.

I'm trying to import 3d models (in pretty much any format, I've tried a whole lot) for use with the AR Toolkit.

I can get the sample .fbx files and their corresponding textures to import fine, but when I try and bring in other models they break? In other words if I bring in a model of a game character it only brings in certain parts of the body.

Is this because the models aren't all one piece? Is there any way to bring them in otherwise i.e do I need to convert them in 3d software or its there another program I can use? I've tried the Autodesk FBX converter already and this hasn't made much difference.

You can see the results in the images - the first is the standard model, the second is a model imported into QC. I haven't applied a texture to the second model yet although the first image has the relevant texture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.