3d models

Position of 3D model components

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Hi All,

Does anyone know how to get the position of an object in a 3d model? Its an fbx model with multiple components and I'd like to know the offset of each object. Kineme 3D has the "object center" patch which seems to be able to access this offset and recenter it but I'd like to access it from within the composition.

Is this doable or a feature request?

Cheers James

Optimising 3d objects for use in QC

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Hi all!

I'm hoping to get some tips for the development of a game installation involving intensive use of 3d models. I've never worked very much with 3d/kineme3d in QC so here goes:

  • What's the best format to use, considering fast loading speeds and the use of multiple models at the same time?
  • Is md2 the only format supporting model animation (trough blending)?
  • Is animating a model trough an md2 model/blending the best way, or would it be better to import each individual element (arms etc.) and animate these within QC, considering CPU/GPU loads?

The 3d objects are made by another 3d artist, are there any rules or specific things he should stick to? I've browsed around the forum and read that for animating objects there should be the same number of faces/vertex in every object. Are there more things to consider that would make it easier for me to import the models with textures in QC?