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Pretty...Gross 3D Stereoscopic from George Toledo on Vimeo.

I've been having some fun messing around with stereoscopic stuff in QC and figured I'd share a few visual results.

If you use a little "cross eye" technique so that both sides of the image create a image "in between", in the center, that image should look 3D.


Creating an immersive projection in QC

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I'm wondering if anyone has experience or advice on the following problem I'm trying to solve.

We're tying to create an immersive projection, based on two walls at a 90 degree angle and a floor plane. Something like CAVE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_automatic_virtual_environment or the ps3 commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLBMghIJM5Q

Right now I came quite far using three manual set 1024's perspectivematrix patches with the same 3d scenes from different angles. It is still not perfect, and the textures won't align seamless in most cases.

I've attached a sample patch with my current progress. You'll need Kineme's Datatools, filetools, GLTools, Vade's Syphon, and 1024 perspectivematrix plugin's.

I tried different approaces experimenting with the FOV, camera, matrix transform and lookat patches and mesh warping in madmapper without better results than this current perspectivematrix approach.

Ideally I think it's best to be able to generate a cube map of a 3d scene in QC, but I can't find any elaborate resources on how that's done.

To sum it up:
Is it possible to generate a cube map in QC?
Might there be a different approach that I haven't though off?
Do you have some leads to more info on this topic?


kineme 3D Object Collider issue.

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Hello everybody. Firs of all excuse me for my bad english. I'm from spain. I'm working on a project for an interactive installation and I'm doing all the visual content in QC.

The concept is quite simple, I have a square perimeter full of particles and there has to be a moving cube inside that interacts with the particles.

By now I have done this using the kineme 3d collider but I get some strange behaviors from the particles. The particles tend to collide with the cube a lot far from it and I really don't understand why this happens.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance.

3D select (Composition by Sala28)

Author: Sala28
License: Public Domain
Date: 2012.08.26
Compatibility: 10.7
Required plugins:
_1024_StructureTools, GLTools, DataTools

Rotate camera about 3D point Interactive 3D point selection.

Optimising 3d objects for use in QC

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Hi all!

I'm hoping to get some tips for the development of a game installation involving intensive use of 3d models. I've never worked very much with 3d/kineme3d in QC so here goes:

  • What's the best format to use, considering fast loading speeds and the use of multiple models at the same time?
  • Is md2 the only format supporting model animation (trough blending)?
  • Is animating a model trough an md2 model/blending the best way, or would it be better to import each individual element (arms etc.) and animate these within QC, considering CPU/GPU loads?

The 3d objects are made by another 3d artist, are there any rules or specific things he should stick to? I've browsed around the forum and read that for animating objects there should be the same number of faces/vertex in every object. Are there more things to consider that would make it easier for me to import the models with textures in QC?