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Well I guess here is the place to ask. What's the crack with .obj files in your loader? Is there a vertex limit?

I read there are issues with .obj, what are they? other than slow loading. Some of my (smaller) models work others cause crashes.

From my regular use of the .obj loader in Edo I ascertained that (Pauli Ojala) the programmer opted to create the VN's within the loader/edo, loading models with VN's may be what slows it down.

I have attached a model which works with the other .obj loader, but no joy with yours. (Ahhh I converted it to an FBX and it worked. Yippeee.) Look forward to days of fun working with these new tools. Thanks. Jx

Kineme 3D Alpha 9Augmented Reality? Fun with AR and Single Marker Trackers...

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I managed to realize that the AR Toolkit single tracker marker structure that was posted to the Apple QC Developer group, to work with .MQO (a windows type 3D file) could be "decoded" by mapping the appropriate structure to work with the stock 3D it could work to make any typical structure in QC "move".

I did this simply by waving a test sheet in front of the camera while observing each part of the structure, looking for plusses and minuses. Then I sorted the relevant part of the structure with the "structure index member". So far, I have only found I have had to scale the "rotations" with math, to get them to track right... up, down, left, right, worked pretty close right away.

To make it flashy, I used an Alpha 9 patch inside of the stock Apple 3D transform. But it looks like the AR Toolkit motion detection stuff could be mapped to any "number" input in QC.

3D Object Loader

Creates an object from a wavefront OBJ File