"break modifier" type warp for Kineme3D

I was looking at this blog about a fellow who wrote what he calls a "break" modifier for warping single collada meshes in Papervision 3D.

The gist of it is that they can be placed at various points on an object, and from that point, rotation can apply to a selected group of vertices. So, a break modifier can be placed at a knee, and then the lower leg can be made to move back and forth. In this blog, the guy talks about placing a modifier at each hip, and a modifier at each knee, then making a pair of jeans look like it's walking.

This is fairly similar to the bend box... except a bend box works over an entire mesh and doesn't bend stuff quite in the same way.

I thought this was a pretty cool concept/cheat way of doing character animation that might be quicker/faster than integrating full on skeletal animation into QC. Maybe something like a Bend Box, where you could configure coordinates that something should "break/rotate" at in x/y/z, then have controls for x/y/z rotation of the part that should be rotated, and a boolean for whether the part "above" or "below" the break point would get the rotation. Then, the patch could be configured in settings to add more break points.

Just a thought as to how something like that could work reasonably... I wonder if anyone else thinks it would be as cool as me? There are loads of single mesh people models available.

Making Smoke like Particle system

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I am interested in making a smoke like particle system. I have searched kinda deep into some of the threads, and found some info. I read a great deal of george toledo sample thread. And got that I need lots of Interpolation and a particle system to do any thing remotely interesting. I think that is what I got, hard to tell. George you do a good job of keep your work yours. Which i can understand 100%.

But so my real question is do I need Kineme3D or QuartzCrystal to make smoke in Quartz Composer?

Am I thinking about this right? Small particles. Lots of them, I am guessing. Some gravity. A pretty short lifetime, or long lifetime? Do i need an image of some sort to make it look more real?

Help much appreciated

Kineme3D - latest release

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Fantastic, a truly 10.6.x conformant, in my working experience, release of Kineme 3D.

It doesn't spit its dummy out, it renders well in Quartz Crystal.

Even structure_explode takes less than 2 minutes for a 10 second clip in Quartz Crystal.

I think I'll create a little demo album just in honour of this release on YouTube - so good.

Hope you don't mind an unofficial video release GT :-) - as yours did render well - you'll get tagged :-) [ or removed from album if you so wish it]

I'm still to see just what the Open Asset Import support will extend to, pretty thrilled that .dae render from file path works AOK now.

The little .md2 animations even work in Quartz Crystal - brilliant.


3D fractals / Kineme3D Parametric

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After reading all of the discussion that led to the advent of the "mandelbulb" over at fractal forum, my interest in 3D fractals has grown.

What I'm wondering is, could the parametric patch actually make a shape like the mandelbulb? Has anyone experimented with that kind of thing yet?

(Also, after playing with the mandelbulb, it sure makes me realize how my suggested idea of a palindrome heightfield would make it really easy to create 3d liquid looking mesh, but also things like this 3D fractal, but much quicker fps wise, most likely).

Release: Kineme3D, v1.2

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.2
Release Notes

Changes since Kineme3D 1.1

New Features:

  • Parametric Surface patch
  • Height Field patch
  • Drag-and-drop meshes onto the Composition Editor


  • Updated to most recent Autodesk FBX SDK, which:
    • solves issues regarding multi-object placement in 3DS meshes.
    • solves issues regarding object scaling in 3DS meshes.
    • slightly improves performance of loading OBJ meshes.
  • Improved performance of smoothing and normals calculations.
  • Improved performance of mesh normalization.
  • Improved performance of mesh blending.
  • Improved performance when rendering static meshes.
  • Improved performance when rendering meshes that are regenerated every frame.
  • Fixed issue wherein some degenerate meshes would cause the smoother to crash.
  • Fixed issue with license key activation when running Quartz Composer in 64-bit mode.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect simplification of some FBX meshes.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect global displacement of some FBX meshes.
  • Fixed occasional stability issues when inside a Render In Image environment.