Midi note off with midi notes receiver?

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Hi there

I hope someone can help me, I"m stuck.

I'm using midi notes receiver to get notes in from Live, turning an image on and off. All is well when I use the keyboard to generate a note. The image goes on and off.

However, I'm trying to achieve the same thing via a M4L patch. It sends a note on message, which works for the sound in Live because once the note has played, it stops. But the image is still "on", until I activate it again.

I'm not sure if there's a simple method to fix this in QC. I've tried some of the toggle patches, but I"m kind of in the dark.

Does this make any sense, and can anyone shed some light?


MIDI Timecode receiver for QC

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CoGeMTCReceiver is a plugin for Quartz Composer to receive and use MIDI (SMPTE) Timecode -> http://www.cogevj.hu/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1944

Giving images inside an iteration patch a time limit

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Hello Kineme,

I am reasonably new to quartz, and still quite a novice to the programmers language.

I am trying to build a MIDI visualizer. I had a lot of success building an over complicated version, which had a network of patches assigned directly to every single MIDI note. this i thought was using too much CPU. now i am trying to streamline things.

My question is, How does one give "iterations" a time limit, relative to the time that they are first triggered? instead of only being visible while the signal is being sent, I would like each sprite to last for a predetermined time.

I want to trigger sprites that rotate around a fixed axis. The color, and distance to the center depends on the MIDI note data. So being inside an iteration (or replicate in space) patch all the iterations change color and position, but i would like them to maintain this information and accumulate until their time is up.

I hope that makes sense, if not i can send screen caps or draw a diagram.



Midi control over Counter patch

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I'm trying to control pixel accumulator values via midi-controller (Akai MPK Mini or Novation Nocturn). I'm using "Counter" for increasing and decreasing the signal, at the moment it can only be done by using Mac keyboard's arrow buttons (left - and right +). Does anyone know how to map those commands to Midi-controllers faders or rotation knobs? I hope someone understands my question :) Thanks in advance!

Send MIDI when QC or Quartz Builder made app is not in focus

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I wonder if it's possible to make a composition or a QuartzBuilder app send MIDI when it's not in focus. As soon as I put another app in focus my composition won't send anything.

I'm making a little app that converts keystrokes from a Makey Makey (http://makeymakey.com) to MIDI and it kind of defeats the purpose if I have to have my QuarzBuilder app in focus the whole time for it to work. I want it to just work seamlessly in the background. Is this possible? It feels like I'm just missing something.

The MIDI receiver patches works when the QC or QuartzBuilder made app is in the background but MIDI sender patches doesn't.