Sam-I-am not Simon using Kineme NetworkTools's picture

The beginnings of a project to have a multiplayer version of the (almost) melodic Simon game Wikipedia Flash.

Artwork and basic triangular hit-testing done, that's all so far. May need help with the internet protocols since I have only Mac for testing ATM.

Project is called !simon or Sam since I desire five notes not four and no IP issues! Five notes means a better choice of melodies and choose your own chord to work with eg:
Using chart notation for the chord in key of C,
V = 5,7,2,4,(& +5) =>GM7 => G,B,D,F (&G one octave up) . . . . . . (to generalise 1,3,5,♭7,8 in any key) or could use 1,2,3,5,♭7
III = 3,5,7,9,+3 => Cm7 => E,G,B,D,E . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(to generalise 1,♭3,5,♭7,8 in any key)

I'm going to start with using an Audio patch to load a pre-recorded arpeggio from GarageBands (mp3 file) to get the notes in. To make this more flexible for tonal variation and total programatic note control, a midi routine that drives the internal Mac Synth would be superior if anyone has anything lying around to do that? Please add a comment/revision to my composition.

Artwork is copyright by me but totally free to use/change/abuse for non-commercial contexts. Please feel free to contribute in any way as this will make a neat Network Tools demo composition for setting up internet linked Quartz Builder generated QC Applications, I hope.