Customise the HTTP request header info in NetworkTools HTTP Query Patch


Would it be possible to customise NetworkTools HTTP Query Patch header info? In a similar way to Query Parameters. Now it is only possible to change the “Content Type” in the HTTP message header field, but I need to change everything in the header, even the “User-Agent” value.

This becomes a problem when trying to communicate with the unofficial Tinder API. Now who would not want to make a Tinder installation??? Their API is very strict in what it accepts and how it works. Might be because they have not actually published it, but it has been sniffed out by hackers. (

I have the communication working with an external REST application (CocoaRestClient) with this information:

  • URL:
  • Method: GET
  • Request Body: empty
  • Request Header: Content-Type: application/json Authorization: Token token=“XXXmyPersonalToken“ app-version: 371 x-client-version: 46103 Proxy-Connection: keep-alive Accept: / Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate If-None-Match: "1217294773" platform: ios Host: Accept-Language: en-FI;q=1, fi-FI;q=0.9 User-Agent: Tinder/4.6.1 (iPhone; iOS 9.1; Scale/2.00) Connection: keep-alive X-Auth-Token: XXXmyPersonalToken os_version: 900001

What HTTP Query Patch sends as request header now and needs to be changed:

CONNECT HTTP/1.1 Host: User-Agent: Quartz%20Composer/151 CFNetwork/673.3 Darwin/13.4.0 (x86_64) (MacBookPro11%2C2) Connection: keep-alive Proxy-Connection: keep-alive

Would Kineme be willing to update current NetworkTools HTTP Query Patch to a version that accepts changes in HTTP request header? Or any ideas on how to do a custom header HTTP request in Quartz Composer?

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Post multipart/form with image to facebook

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Hi all!

I'm stuck with using networktools to post an image to a Facebook album.

Right now I've tried adjusting the composition from as a base to post multipart/form data.

The error I get returned is:

(#324) Requires upload file

324 OAuthException

However with a curl call (with the same credentials etc.)

curl -F 'access_token=' -F 'message=Check out my photo' -F 'source=@test.jpg'

posts without any problems.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this or got some input on what I'm doing wrong?

I've attached the composition and also a trace from a successful curl post.

Sam-I-am not Simon using Kineme NetworkTools's picture

The beginnings of a project to have a multiplayer version of the (almost) melodic Simon game Wikipedia Flash.

Artwork and basic triangular hit-testing done, that's all so far. May need help with the internet protocols since I have only Mac for testing ATM.

Project is called !simon or Sam since I desire five notes not four and no IP issues! Five notes means a better choice of melodies and choose your own chord to work with eg:
Using chart notation for the chord in key of C,
V = 5,7,2,4,(& +5) =>GM7 => G,B,D,F (&G one octave up) . . . . . . (to generalise 1,3,5,♭7,8 in any key) or could use 1,2,3,5,♭7
III = 3,5,7,9,+3 => Cm7 => E,G,B,D,E . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(to generalise 1,♭3,5,♭7,8 in any key)

I'm going to start with using an Audio patch to load a pre-recorded arpeggio from GarageBands (mp3 file) to get the notes in. To make this more flexible for tonal variation and total programatic note control, a midi routine that drives the internal Mac Synth would be superior if anyone has anything lying around to do that? Please add a comment/revision to my composition.

Artwork is copyright by me but totally free to use/change/abuse for non-commercial contexts. Please feel free to contribute in any way as this will make a neat Network Tools demo composition for setting up internet linked Quartz Builder generated QC Applications, I hope.

Kineme Network Tools loses key in Preferences Plist

I have been unable to reproduce this bug manually, but it occurs on at least weekly basis (running 24 hours a day). It happens on 20 different machines, usually at the same time (but not always), and I think may be related to intermittent network access (network drops, NetworkTools is activated).

Somehow net.kineme.NetworkTools.plist is losing the "NTKey" entry. I've attached a working .plist and a corrupted one that is missing the NTKey entry. I've changed the extension to .txt to allow attachment.