Video Tools

video tools HAP codec support

Support for GPU accelerated hap playback, with alpha channel.

best network camera model to use with video tools

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Hi, i wish to buy a network camera to use with video tools. I don't know which one, so i ask users that tested some to tell me how your model works, in particular referred to:

  • latency time. If there's some latency, which model has less latency, how many ms of frames
  • manual setting of exposure and focus
  • not-deforming image
  • width of the area seen by the camera
  • possibility to mount different lenses
  • absence of noise in the image



Lion & Video Tools

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I am finding that QuickTime support in QC 4.5 is a trifle hit and miss, the Movie Importer patch, for instance , never succeeds to properly load and run a movie file to fps set.

Thankfully, the Kineme Video Player in the Video Tools does allow for the introduction of rendered movies as image input.

However, as a result of the poor QuickTime support, the VideoTools QuickTime Player patch doesn't load frames. Not even in the demo composition.

Just wondered if this was a situation unique to me.

Video Tools - Well received

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Best video from my iSight camera under electric light - ever :-)