QC Framework 148 - Movie Importer patch

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I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that matters remained similarly settled on ML, but just for the record, using QC Framework 148 I find now that the previously defunct, on some builds, Movie Importer patch is now functional once again in QC on Lion.

Must boot into ML and install the updated Graphics Tools and see what a difference has been made there.

QB 1.2 under Lion - Generated Structure

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I have isolated a strange bug under Lion using QB 1.2.

Generating a structure works in QC editor 4 / 4.5 and QB 1.2 under Snow Leopard, but does nothing when compiled with QB 1.2 under Lion.

Can anyone confirm this?

I could not manage to generate structures through javascript either, something invisible happens along the way.

Installing a Quartz Composer Patch in OS X Lion

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I made this quick screen cap of going to kineme's site, downloading GL Tools, loading it in the OS, and reopening QC, to show how to get it to work. Feel free to ask questions if I've breezed through too quickly, or anything isn't apparent.

Lion & Video Tools

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I am finding that QuickTime support in QC 4.5 is a trifle hit and miss, the Movie Importer patch, for instance , never succeeds to properly load and run a movie file to fps set.

Thankfully, the Kineme Video Player in the Video Tools does allow for the introduction of rendered movies as image input.

However, as a result of the poor QuickTime support, the VideoTools QuickTime Player patch doesn't load frames. Not even in the demo composition.

Just wondered if this was a situation unique to me.

Lion GLSL - Initial Black Empty Space Render?

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I am finding that GLSL shaders are sometimes cropping up as black prior to rendering properly upon being stopped and restarted in QC 4.5 in Lion.

Anyone else?

Find attached one GLSL shader that has done this.

Doubtless it is fine and dandy as GLSL goes, so I guess the problem lies elsewhere, outside of the shader code.

That said , most of the examples that I could throw into the example thread are like, or pretty much like, the one posted here, which is pretty generic in its code, being simply the default shader accompanied by some stock patches