audio output

Audio application needed

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Hi to all, I need a audio/video application to use in parallel with itunes

I would like to know if someone can code for me an application that can read an itunes playlist on the fly and use a selectable external audio output and displays the tag information of the playlist in a video output.

the main features are:

  1. selectable playlist from itunes.
  2. selectable external audio output.
  3. Option for amount of silence time between songs.
  4. selectable Tags to display: name, artist, gender...
  5. Display song playing in bold in the middle and the playlist rolling up like the credits of a movie.

I hope this is possible to do and someone is interested in this job, please send me a message for us to agree in a price. Thank you in advace for any reply Vasco

Computer audio output

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Hi. I'm very new to QC so I might have to apologise right away for my lack of knowledge.

I'm wondering: is there any possibility to get a sound visualizer based on the sound/audio that the computer plays (audio output)?

I've checked out the Kineme audio tools but don't really know what to use.