Output Power

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Similar to my post about outputting the frame rate of the composition to any device, is there a way to output the power remaining (seconds, percent, etc) of a computer as well?

I looked and there seemed to be no indication of such a patch. Would it be safe to say another java patch could be a way to output this info?

Output Frame Rate

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I was wondering if there was a way to output the frame rate of a composition, such as to another computer or device via OSC.

When I pull up the fps patch, there are only inputs and no outs. Is there a way to get the fps number into some sort of output?

Computer audio output

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Hi. I'm very new to QC so I might have to apologise right away for my lack of knowledge.

I'm wondering: is there any possibility to get a sound visualizer based on the sound/audio that the computer plays (audio output)?

I've checked out the Kineme audio tools but don't really know what to use.