Reactivision + Fiducial Markers

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Hi all! I´ve been developing a reacTIVision based application, it works with several different fiducial markers. Every marker has different behavior. The problem i have is "simple" but couldn´t solve it myself. When one fiducial marker is detected, actions and behaviors are just OK. When second fiducial is detected, it still is OK. But, when one of fiducials is taken out, it´s behavior continues operating (just like it was never taken out), unless both markers are taken out.

Did anyone had this issue before? How can this be solved?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi there monsters! :) I've been reading this lovely forum since 3 months ago and now I feel to get started posting my problems and hope I will have your lights through my way.. I'm going to have this fiducials have visual feedbacks,so I started from the very basic steps... The problem I have right now is how to make each Fiducual ID separated for different visual feedbacks? I'm guessing to use structure thingies but imagine me as a noob person both in coding and QC.. cheers