Reading a Crash Report

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I am wondering if we can gather some ideas in one place for reading crash reports, spin dumps, and other messages. Then how to interpret and make use of them within Quartz Composer

Sometimes it is obvious why a program crashed, other times you look at the crash report and it is not always obvious what it says - to the untrained eye.

-> Which are the right reports to look at, and where can they be found, after Quartz Composer crashes/freezes/stops responding?

-> What parts of the report are important to look at?

-> How can one make use of them?

sinsynplus started a thread over here but I think there can be more

Thanks for any tips or resources!

Freeze (pause) live input?

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I'm looking to freeze a live input (video input or BlackSyphon as we're using Intensity Extreme cards) with a trigger.

I guess I should use an accumulator but I'm new to this.

Could the frame just be held in memory or should it be sent to the hard drive?

Ideally there would be a simple toggle to hold and release the frame, just as you hit play/pause in QuickTime Player for example, but with live video.

Thanks for the help.