Freeze (pause) live input?

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I'm looking to freeze a live input (video input or BlackSyphon as we're using Intensity Extreme cards) with a trigger.

I guess I should use an accumulator but I'm new to this.

Could the frame just be held in memory or should it be sent to the hard drive?

Ideally there would be a simple toggle to hold and release the frame, just as you hit play/pause in QuickTime Player for example, but with live video.

Thanks for the help.


Output Frame Rate

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I was wondering if there was a way to output the frame rate of a composition, such as to another computer or device via OSC.

When I pull up the fps patch, there are only inputs and no outs. Is there a way to get the fps number into some sort of output?

Choppy Video in QC

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Hi, just a quick one.

Has anyone noticed that video playback in quartz can drop frames during video playback?

I've been having major problems. They seem to be worst when using the standard QC "movie importer" but still persists when using the same player in asynchronous mode.

I've also tried the V002 movie player, which helps again but it's still not reliable enough for what I'm trying to do.

Has anyone got any theories as to why this is happening?