Image Masking

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I am wondering if is possible to mask over a compostion example: 500 lines replicated in space and ave a .PNG file with transparent areas on top of the compsition, so that only transparent areas of the graphic will show the lines behinde .

thanks in advance.

newbee... willing to learn .

Quad structure with images.'s picture

When I put an image structure into the new quad structure patch in GLTools I can get them to play to Distinct Quads option but not Quad Strip. The image at index=0 is repeated for each quad. Is this intended or perhaps a bug.

To make sure it wasn't my comp, I used the GLTools quad structure demo patch with my own image structure of 3 images.

I guess I can double-up the quad co-ordinates to make the strip from whole quads as a work around. More code writing... blah

Want to end up with this kind of thing but see what it's like with images transformed not just masked. (Transforming in motion after that...)