Image Masking

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I am wondering if is possible to mask over a compostion example: 500 lines replicated in space and ave a .PNG file with transparent areas on top of the compsition, so that only transparent areas of the graphic will show the lines behinde .

thanks in advance.

newbee... willing to learn .

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Re: Image Masking

Hi Balam, I'm not setting up an explicit mask as in GIMP or Photoshop as such , but this attached example iterates 500 lines and outputs a transparent .png [also attached] - job's a good'un he speculates tentatively.


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Re: Image Masking

What is Image Exporter (as opposed to Image Writer?). I thought I had it installed, but I guess not.

Note: One needs the AlphaBlend plugin and the Image Exporter as well as GL Tools for this one to work like you intend.

Masking in QC (at least what I'm thinking of as masking) is pretty simple: If one puts a Consumer patch into "Over" blend mode, and the image has areas of "alpha black", they will be rendered as transparent. A Billboard in Over blend mode set to Custom size with width and height inputs connected to the width and height outputs of Rendering Destination Dimensions is a quick way to achieve a mask that covers the entire area of the Viewer.

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Re: Image Masking

THANK YOU for your compositions is a very elegant solution , and will study it .

after I post the question, I was playing with QC and read what mask to alpha does, and I have the results that Need it also, how ever your solution Cybero seems to be more robust.

thank you