QuartzBuilder 1.2 Snow Leopard template

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the template for a QuartzBuilder app do not show up in QC 1.4. If I use "Install QB Template" in QuartzBuilder it tells me it should be already installed. Where does the plugin supposed to go? If I copy the QuartzBuilderProtocol.plugin into the Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches folder, QC crashes while starting up.

thx, volker

Quartzbuilder 1.2 builds always transparent!

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So I got the full version of quartzbuilder to build a project into an app... however I can't get the app to look anything like it does in the viewer of quartz composer... there is always a transparency behind my alpha blended particles, no matter if I set it to opaque or not, background opacity changes... nothing helps... any suggestions?

here are my files, both .qtz and .app... made in 10.5


Thanks guys!

Release: QuartzBuilder, v1.2

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.2
Release Notes

QuartzBuilder 1.2 adds User-interactive Composition Parameters, more minor performance improvements, improved security, improved resource location, and improved Snow Leopard compatibility (including gesture support).

QuartzBuilder Why is the Export button disabled

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Hey all

I have just downloaded QuartzBuilder and ran the application. But the Export button is greyed out and I don't know why.

I have

  • Dragged in a composition
  • Filled in the App Name field
  • Filled in the App Version field
  • Filled in the App Version field
  • Filled in the identifier field
  • Filled in the copyright field
  • Filled in the Help URL field

The resource inspector sees my custom plugin and a gif file. (it doesn't see all the pngs).

In advanced settings i have

  • Filled in the Window Autosave Name (What is this by the way?
  • Filled in the Default Window Dimensions
  • Disabled full screen
  • Clicked Borderless

Is there something I am missing.



Side note: There is no quartz builder link in your documentation page.